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Studio 20/29

Studio 20/29 is a cozy 12x17 foot studio perfect for portraits or product photography.  You can rent just the studio or all the gear you need to make your magic happen.

Studio Rental Details:


Studio 20/29 12’x17' studio

full day (8 hours)-$250.00

½ day (4 hours)-$150.00

per hour-$50.00

*Ask about our student rates

Studio Includes: one hensel 500w head,  backgrounds (white or black), sandbags (4), c-stands (2), table, chair, fan, wardrobe rack and full access         to out door area.

Camera Gear


Hensel 1200w/s premium porty pack with 2 porty eht 1200watt heads, 2 light stands, two batteries, softbox, wireless transmitter, reflector, grids and battery charger.

Full day (8-12 hours) - $80.00

½ day (4 hours) - $50.00                                                                                                              Hensel Beauty Dish Flate rate - $10.00

California Sunbounce reflector Flate rate - $15.00                                    

Chimera Med. Shallow Bank Softbox Flate rate - $20.00

GEAR (per day):

Canon 1Ds mark iii full frame digital camera w/ 2 batteries, 8GB udma 300x CF card, 2GB SD card & udma card reader - $350.00

Canon “L” series 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens - $25.00

Canon “L” series 17-40mm f/4 Lens - $25.00

Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm DX Lens - $20.00                                                                                Canon Mount Lens Babie - $15.00

PowerBook G4 Laptop with ADOBE photoshop cs3, bridge, lightroom

and phase one capture 1 software - $175.00


digital assisting

Contact us for rates



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